There's not actually that much here.

It isn't that I didn't have that much to show. It's that I think that these samples, of all the work I've done, represent the best of my creativity, my inventiveness, and my drive to always be building something. Whether solving a problem or just working out an idea, build something. Much of the code you'll see in these examples was first put together just to prove that I could do a thing in a certain way, and then later adapted into a maintainable form for use in the product.

Everything - literally everything - in these pages was developed over the course of seven months in 2014. My product, Thor, was the first application of any significant size or complexity that I'd ever actually architected, instead of simply implemented. Everything you see here was designed to solve a problem, and most of it worked far better than I ever expected it to. I'm intensely proud of what I architected and built for the Thor project, and equally proud to display it here.